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Automated Appointment Reminder (AAR)


What is Automated Appointment Reminder? 

AAR is a computer application that can be accessed online as SaaS (Software as a Service) or installed onsite. The application is used by medical practices of all sizes to automatically call their scheduled patients in advance and remind them of their upcoming appointments. These applications are getting very sophisticated in the features they provide. They can actually emulate a medical office receptionist in calling and reminding patients. They can detect if the call is answered by an individual, voicemail or answering machine and convey the right message. They can also accept responses from patients for cancelling or rescheduling their upcoming appointments.

How does Automated Appointment Reminder Work?

AAR application can be installed on site or hosted on the vendor site and accessed online through the internet. The application must have a way to integrate with in-house scheduling software. This can be accomplished by exporting the patients’ appointment details from the in-house scheduling software and import it into the AAR database manually. Some AAR applications have a built-in programming interface that allows it to pull the patients’ appointment information directly from the in-house scheduling software. Most of AAR applications provide real-time summary and detailed reports to allow office administrators to monitor and to check the status of all calls.

The majority of AAR applications have intuitive and easy to use screens to create automated messages and configure the calling rules. Automated calling messages can be standard or personalized. A personalized message usually receives a positive response from the patient than the standard message. Some applications have the ability to send messages to non-English speaking patients in their native language.

What other messages can Automated Appointment Reminder send?

  • Medication reminders
  • Recurring appointments
  • Office fairs and special events
  • Paying monthly bills
  • Birthdays thank you message
  • Drugs and products recall
  • Past due payments
  • Lab results reporting
  • Appointment cancellations

Benefits of Automated Appointment Reminder software application:

  • Reduces number of no-shows.
  • Increases practice productivity.
  • In most cases, AAR pays for itself within the first or second month of installing it.
  • Reduces overhead and increases bottom-line.
  • Increases patients’ satisfaction.

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