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Smart Tools for Smart Primary Care Clinics

Focus on your patient care. We take care of everything else!

  • Complete Revenue Cycle Management services.
  • Complete and compliant Charting.
  • Primary Care-specific scheduling and workflow.
  • Real-time financial and compliance reporting.
  • Powerful Outcomes tracking tool designed for Primary Care Providers.
  • Built-in triggers & alerts to enforce coding and compliance.
  • Tasks Automation to cut down busy work and cut cost.
  • Guide you through lengthy and complicated rules and guidelines.
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We simplify the business of Primary Care Clinics
All Essential RCM Services and Tools for Maximum Efficiency

Complete Revenue Cycle Management Services

End to End Services From Patient to Payment

We do the prep work prior to submitting claims

  • Verify Patients Benefit at time of appointment.
  • Verify coding accuracy & remove coding error.
  • Reconcile charges with appointments.
  • Scrub claims & flag any errors.
  • Ensure 99.9% clean claim submission.

We file your Claims Electronically within 24 hours

  • Submit claims electronically & on paper.
  • Follow-up on denied claims & appeals.
  • Follow-up on all denied accounts.
  • Resolve all billing issues timely.
  • Provide submission reports.

We provide Patient Billing & Phone Support

  • Print and mail patient statements.
  • Handle patient billing related questions.
  • Track patient payments and balances.
  • Weekly & Monthly patient reports.

We manage your Accounting & Payments

  • Post insurance payments.
  • Post patient Payments.
  • Monitor underpayment & down-coding.
  • Verify payments payer fee schedule.
  • Manage PQRS incentive payments.
  • Monthly reports.

Free added value services.

  • Medicare & Insurance Credentialing.
  • Insurance Contracts negotiations.
  • Coding assistance.

Results Achieved for our clients

  • Consistent track record of collecting for our clients for over 8 years.
  • We have achieved and exceeded all six measures of success.
  • 99% of claims submitted are paid from the first submission.
  • 70% increase in average collection for our new clients.
  • 90% up-front collection rate from patients at time of visit.
  • 30 days is Our Average Days in A/R. Industry standard is 48 days.
  • Vigorous and consistent claims follow-up process.
  • Complete billing from verifying patient benefit to payment.
  • We are independent and financially strong billing company.
  • Strict process to ensure payments are received for every service provided.
  • We develop a tight relationship with our clients. We work as one team.
  • We process all claims daily to ensure consistent cash flow.
  • We Address all denials daily to avoid any delay in payments.
  • We empower our billers and hold them accountable for their work.

Positive Impact


Average Collection

95% or more


Days In A/R

35 days or less


First-Pass Acceptance Rate

99% or more


A/R Over 120 Days

8% or less


Denial Rate

5% or less

EMR for Compliant DocumentationEMR for Compliant Documentation

Designed for Primary Care specialty, our state of the art SOAP Note EHR is a best of class Certified EMR that offers cutting edge, secure on Cloud features. There are no annoying pop-up Ads, and because it is web-based, it’s available anywhere anytime.

Clinical Key Features:

  • Soap Note Specifically Designed for primary care providers.
  • Physician Friendly Charting – Resembles Paper Charting.
  • Built-in triggers & alerts to enforce coding and compliance.
  • Touch Screen – Point and Click, Dictate or Tap.
  • Clinical Quality Calculation and Reporting.
  • Comprehensive Encounters Sheets.
  • Continuity of Care Reporting and Documentation.

Clinical Reporting Key Features:

  • PQRS/Meaningful Use Dashboard.
  • Incomplete Notes Reports.
  • Pending Notes Reports.

Appointment Scheduling and Patient RemindersAppointment Scheduling and Patient Reminders

Flexible. Customizable and robust scheduler to reduce missed appointments and late cancellations. Conflicts are monitored and an alert notifies you of conflicting bookings.

  • Access from Anywhere.
  • Double, Triple Book with User Definable Time Slots.
  • Instantly Search for Patients or Appointment Times.
  • 360 Degree Patient Financial View.
  • Enter Payments and Co-pays from Appointment Calendar.
  • Set Recurring Appointments.
  • Customize Appointment Color by Type and Length.
  • View Schedule by Day, Week, and Month.
  • Comprehensive Patient Ledger and Demographics.
  • Scan and Upload Documents: Insurance Cards, Driver’s License, etc…
  • Print Patient’s Future Appointments.
  • Upload Patient’s Picture.
  • View Appointment History.

Practice Management Software </br>For Managing Billing, Accounting and Financial ReportingPractice Management Software
For Managing Billing, Accounting and Financial Reporting

Our software allows flexibility in use and increase in clinical, operations and financial productivity. It allows therapists to document each encounter at the time of service which has a direct impact on increased cash flow and account receivable.

Key Features:

  • Online Patient Portal that allows new patients to request an appointment, enter patient and insurance info, chief complaint, medical history, family history, Rx histories, pre-appointment at their convenience.
  • A Flexible Patient Scheduler that allows multiple bookings per timeslot, flexible timeslots, and facilitates complex scheduling scenarios for multi-provider, multi-specialty, multi-location, and allows first-available resource scheduling.
  • Automated Eligibility Verification and patient Appointment Reminders.
  • Superbill creation and reconciliation.
  • Simple & Intuitive Clinical Charting that allows the practitioner to complete an entire patient encounter on a single screen without having to open extra windows or requiring hundreds of clicks.
  • Smart Document Management that ensures the right document goes into the right patient chart.
  • Inter-Office Communications and Task Assignment.
  • Integrated Claims Management & cutting edge Revenue Cycle Management capabilities.
  • Patient Marketing CRM and Online Review Management dashboard.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: For front office, clinical, billing and revenue cycle, financial reporting, and employee productivity reporting.
  • Unmatched Support. We have consistently achieved higher than 99% customer satisfaction.

Financial Management and Reporting:

  • System adheres to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  • At-a-glance dashboard of the practice’s financial health.
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) displayed in real-time.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Every essential report required by each department to operate efficiently is available.

Compliance Application:

  • Logical way to manage HIPAA, HITECH, OMNIBUS, PCI compliance.
Secure, Easy to use Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal, fully integrated with our EMR and Practice Management Software, provides a secure communication channel between you and your patients and allows patients to be involved in the management of their own health and medical record. Patients review their personal health records, lab results, request refills, request referrals, pay their bills online, etc.

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All Essential Features for Maximum Patient Engagement

Schedule appointments online

View health information

View bills/making payments

Check Prescription refills/requests

Fill out pre-visit forms

Fill out pre-visit forms

Why Medvertex RCM?

By giving our clients access to best healthcare IT products and ultimate experience in RCM services, we are changing the meaning of partnership and revolutionizing the healthcare in the process.

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